Mainstream press cheers rigged elections in Haiti


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery, Nov. 29, 2016

The members of Haiti’s Interim Electoral Commission (CEP) tentatively showed their faces around 11 p.m. on Monday, November 28 to announce the preliminary results of the November 20 election. They had dodged the press since 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The hiccup was that they had needed more than seven hours to pressure one of their own four refractory members to sign off on the elections. First, CEP Director, Leopold Berlanger, apologized, not for the CEP’s rigged elections, but for his tardiness. Next, as a preliminary sedative, the CEP explained its computation methods before it delivered its cooked results.

More than a week of furious computations on slightly more than a million ballots had produced the result that PHTK’s Jovenel Moise had supposedly won 595,430 votes for 55.67 percent of the total; LAPEH’s Jude Celestin had got 208,837 votes for 19.52 percent of the total; Pitit Desalin’s Moise Jean Charles had got 118,142 votes for 11.04 percent of the total; and Fanmi Lavalas had won 96,121 votes for 8.99 percent of the total.

The four-significant-figure precision of the percentages came from an election where the magnitude of the fraud was such that more than 50 percent of the votes should have been discarded for irregularities, but only 10 percent were. The abundant zombie vote did not trouble the BBC, Reuters, AP, AFP, and the Miami Herald, which quickly accepted 55.67 ± 50 percent as being meaningful. The press took no notice of the 16-percent voter turnout — which was really 8 percent if half of the vote was faked — despite the announcement by the CEP of a 20 percent turnout.

The CEP gave no reason why three out of its nine members refused to sign off on the preliminary election results, and the press did not seek an explanation.

The three refractory CEP members were: Josette Dorcély (Labor Unions), Jean Simon Saint-Hubert (Human Rights) and Kenson Polynice (Farmers, Vodouists).

The six members who signed the fraudulent document were: Léopold Berlanger (Media), Carlos Hercule (Catholics), Marie Frantz Joachim (Women), Frinel Joseph (Protestants), Lucien Bernard (Universities), and Marie Hérolle Michel (Private Businesses).


Posted Nov. 30, 2016