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KOD marks Flag Day with march demanding Martelly, MINUSTAH departure before elections


By Kim Ives, Haiti Liberté, May 20, 2015

May 18, Haitian Flag Day, is one of the most important patriotic dates on the Haitian calendar. On that date in 1803, Haiti’s founding father, Gen. Jean-Jacques Dessalines, after meeting in the town of Arcahaie with Gen. Alexandre Pétion, adopted the red and blue Haitian bicolor, created by tearing the white from the French flag.

CEP releases final list of candidates for legislative elections

By CEPR (Center for Economic & Policy Research), May 19, 2015

Early Friday morning, Haiti’s electoral authority posted online the final list (PDF) of approved candidates for legislative elections scheduled to be held in August. Over 2,000 candidates registered, representing some 98 different political parties. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) rejected 522 candidates – 76 for the Senate and 446 for the lower house – leaving 1,515 candidates to compete for 138 open seats.

Maryse Narcisse registers as the presidential candidate of the Lavalas Family party


by Daniel Tercier, Haiti Liberté, May 20, 2015

With great fanfare, on May 19, Dr. Maryse Narcisse, the coordinator of the Lavalas Family Political Organization (FL), registered as that party’s candidate for presidential elections scheduled for October and December.

With over 150 motorcycles, 10 school buses, and 40 private cars, thousands of FL partisans clogged the streets of Tabarre in anticipation of the event. Dr. Narcisse arrived at the Aristide Foundation for Democracy around 9:30 a.m.. After a rally there, she drove through the multitude to the home of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, about a half mile away. 

Hollande, the Clintons and imperialism in Haiti

By John Marion, World Socialist, May 18, 2015

In his book The Black Jacobins, a history of the Haitian revolution against France, C.L.R. James remarked that “a great empire and honest minds go ill together.” To match dishonest minds with empire in today’s Haiti, one need look no further than French President François Hollande and the representatives of Washington and Wall Street, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Like his American counterparts, Hollande is a purveyor of “human rights” imperialism, which he brought to the Caribbean last week. His stop in Haiti, the first official visit of a French head of state since the 1804 revolution, was an exercise in cynicism.

United Nations challenged about Bill Clinton’s immunity in Haiti

By Newton Louis St. Juste & Andre Michel, Haiti Chery, January 6, 2015

Press Release

Lawyers Newton Louis St Juste and André Michel have filed a legal challenge with the General Secretariat of the United Nations to clarify the legal status of former United States President Bill Clinton, UN Special Envoy for Haiti to the Secretary General and Co-Chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (Commission Intérimaire pour la Reconstruction d’Haiti, CIRH; or IHRC) from 2009 to 2011.

For Ukraine, Haiti experience shows that foreign peacekeepers do not bring peace

By Roger Annis,, May 20, 2015

While in Moscow three weeks ago, following a media tour to Donetsk, eastern Ukraine in which I participated, I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Hellevig, a regular writer at Russia Insider. Jon was in Donetsk a few weeks before our group, thanks to the efforts of the same Russian/German citizen group, Europa Objektiv, which organized our tour.

Conditions in Canadian-owned factories the worst in Honduras

Reyna Tejada with Mark Hancock, CUPE BC President, at the CUPE BC convention in May 2015 Photo taken by Josh Berson.jpg

By Julia Smith,, May 13, 2015

Conditions in Canadian-owned Gildan garment factories are among the worst in Honduras says Reyna Tejada, a former factory worker and representative from CODEMUH, a feminist labour organization. Tejada was in Vancouver to speak at the CUPE-BCconvention, held April 29 to May 2.

Gildan factories produce t-shirts, fleeces and apparel for other companies to put their logos and graphics on. The company currently has contracts for brands such as New Balance and Secret.