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Two major government failures: The opening of schools and the closing of the 49th legislature

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by Thomas Péralte, Haiti Liberté, September 10, 2014

This past Mon., Sep. 8, 2014 marked two major events in Haiti: the first day of school and the last day of the regular session of the 49th Legislature.

Haitian election delays "of great concern to Canada"

A voter casts his ballot at a polling centre in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 20 March 2011 the final day of voting in the election of president and one senator 2 UN Photo Logan Abassi.jpg

By Kristen Shane, Embassy News, September 17, 2014

If Haiti doesn’t soon hold long-delayed elections, its elected president could rule by decree, a situation the Canadian government says is “of great concern.”

Why Aristide allegations always resurface before elections (two articles)

Haiti's fragile democracy 

JURIST Guest Columnist Lauren Carasik of Western New England University School of Law discusses what appears to be the politically motivated charges against former president Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti.

By Kauren Carasik, Jurist, August 31, 2014

Venezuela divided (short documentary film)

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By Sebastian Walker, Al Jazeera, August 27, 2014 

A year after President Hugo Chavez's death, Venezuela is in turmoil and more polarised than ever. 

In February 2014, one wing of the country's opposition erected barricades in the streets and fought battles with security forces in an effort to force Chavezs successor, Nicolas Maduro, from power. 

Hope for UN accountability with new high commissioner

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein.jpg

This article is a profile of Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, who will be the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights next month. Zeid has a history of standing up for human rights, even against UN peacekeepers in sexual abuse cases. His appointment as the High Commissioner gives hope for continued pressure for the UN to be accountable for peacekeepers’ actions. In October 2013, the previous UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, supported compensation for UN cholera victims in Haiti.
-- IJDH Editor

Climate change’s souring effects on Haiti crops

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By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald, August 28, 2014

Haiti’s coffee production, which is enjoying a sweet comeback, could be adversely affected by warmer temperatures and less rainfall in the future, a study released Thursday by Catholic Relief Services said.

The humanitarian arm of the Catholic Church commissioned the study by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture to help its work with coffee and mango growers in southern Haiti. But after seeing how climatic changes could reduce suitable agriculture land for coffee, while offering opportunity for other crops, CRS decided it needed to be shared with a wider audience, said Jeff McIntosh, CRS deputy director in Haiti.

The Harper Government has refused to fill a position to oversee the mining industry

Barrick Gold's reputation for poor international behaviour has sparked frequent protests..jpg

By Justin Ling,, August 19, 2014

The Harper government is dragging its feet on filling a nearly year-old vacancy for a job to oversee Canada’s controversial mining industry. The position has already been widely criticized as an astroturfing effort to boost the damaged image of Canadian mining interests worldwide, despite its supposed mission of addressing the issues of our mining companies that are marauding throughout the Global South. But even though the job was panned for being ineffective, not having an overseer at all is clearly much worse than having a neutered one.

And things may soon get even more out of hand.