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Martelly & Lamothe meet with Diaspora in Miami (two articles)

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Haitian president, prime minister meet diaspora in North Miami

By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald, July 19, 2014

Before today, the town hall, called Gouvènman Lakay Ou, took place in regions around Haiti. But for the ninth edition, Lamothe decided to come north, a move that has been heavily criticized in Haiti, where the country is struggling financially and the government just backed down from plans to increase the price of gas to address a budget deficit.

A damned paradise: Does Haiti need tourism? Or does it need justice?

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Human rights attorney Mario Joseph and Tourism Minister Stéphanie Villedrouin are both trying to improve Haiti, but they are following radically different paths. The one wants justice, the other wants tourism.

By Samiha Shafy,, July 18, 2014

The attorney stares at a hut next to the grave. It's made of wood and mud, and is covered with a plastic tarp. "I used to live like that," Mario Joseph says quietly, more to himself than to the three women crouching behind him in the shade of a tree.

Haitian rape survivors begin new lives in Canada and the US

A young Haitian sexual assault survivor in a home she shares with her family after they were relocated from a camp with the help

By Lisa Armstrong,, July 1, 2014

There are no Haitians in the Montreal neighborhood where Lovely lives. “There are mostly whites. It’s very rare to find a black person, let alone a Haitian,” she says. 

Haiti: PM Lamothe threatens lawsuit for Digicel articles


By, July 21, 2014

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, in questionable propriety, sent two government officials and an agent of the administration to threaten on three occasions in the past 48 hours a lawsuit against Defend Haiti over articles published in The Haiti Sentinel; articles regarding Digicel’s block of VoIP applications which, less than a month later, forced it to reverse.

Fanmi Lavalas nominates Dr. Maryse Narcisse for President of Haiti


By, July 16, 2014

Editor's note: For more information and analysis on the split within the Lavalas party please follow this link

On Tuesday, Dr. Maryse Narcisse received the nomination of the Fanmi Lavalas political party to run for the President of the Republic of Haiti in 2015.

Reconstruction or Haiti’s latest disaster? Tourism development on Île-à-Vache island

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The following is adapted from a presentation by Jessica Hsu of Other Worlds and Jean Claudy Aristil of Radio VKM Les Cayes at the Executive Symposium for Innovators in Coastal Tourism conference in St. Georges, Grenada held from July 8 - July 11, 2014.

A large-scale tourism project planned for the Haitian island of Île-à-Vache targets “the well-heeled tourist from traditional markets…creating a place of exquisite peace and well-being,” as described in the government of Haiti’s executive plan. The project aims to attract four character types: “the Explorers, the Lovers, the Rejuvenators and the Homecomers.” The corporations behind the project intend to build 1,500 hotels and bungalows along the island’s beaches, an international airport, a golf course, island farms, and tourist “villages” with cafes, shops, and night clubs.

Nobel peace laureates slam Human Rights Watch's refusal to cut ties to US government

One obvious example of HRW's failure to appropriately criticize U.S. crimes occurred after the 2004 coup d'état against the democratically elected government of Haiti. The U.S. government essentially  kidnapped  Haiti's president; thousands  of people were killed under the ensuing coup regime; and deposed officials of the constitutional government were  jailed . In the face of what were likely the worst human rights abuses of any country in the Western hemisphere at the time, HRW barely lifted a finger.